In our work today, we maintain the highest standards of quality in the provision of maintenance and auto body repair services. By imposing the strictest requirements on equipment for diagnostics, maintenance and repair of cars, spare parts and consumables, we guarantee our customers safety and confidence in the further operation of your car.


Responsible for quality

After the repair work, the car is inspected in 3 stages: by a mechanic, a master of the repair shop, and a master of reception. This guarantees the high quality of the work performed.

Low price

A large number of orders from our customers and well-functioning logistics processes allow us to keep a competitive price for parts, accessories and oils

Showing Loyalty

Individual conditions for each client . Our team, namely its competence and communication skills solve any problem of a car owner.

About Us

Any modern car needs timely maintenance, computer diagnostics and repairs. By contacting us you will receive a full range of services to keep your car in good working order. The company has been operating since 2007, so it has established itself as an inexpensive and high-quality car service for the maintenance of any car brand. Computer diagnostics allows determining the possibility of this or that malfunction in advance, so troubles on the road are practically excluded.

Our Service

The service station is equipped with modern diagnostic, repair and measuring equipment that allows you to perform work of any complexity. Experienced specialists perform repair of the undercarriage, power and cooling systems, electrical and electronic control systems, steering, brake system, as well as repair and replacement of body parts, bumpers and plastic parts.

List of basic and additional services

- Services 4x4,
- Repair of air conditioners,
- Adjustments,
- Brakes,
- Car and truck maintenance,
- Electrical Services,
- Electronic Services,
- Engine & Transmission,
- Engine Maintenance,
- General Services,
- Heating and cooling services,
- Import cars and trucks,
- Technical Inspections & Inspections,
- Miscellaneous services,
- Quick Lubrication Services,
- Towing,
- Transmission Services and Under Vehicle Services



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